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YOU have a full home. Estate contents need to be sold. The house needs to be empty to sell the property. Pack and take what you want to keep...Don't throw anything away!

WE do the rest for your TAG sale! Leave everything in its place. We organize, sort, clean up and price every item in the house, backyard and garage and eventually, ensure it's sold and leave the house empty!  We can also sell a car, golf cart, RV or electric scooter for you.

Understand how we sell for you...

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Whether you have inherited a loved one’s estate, relocating and downsizing into a smaller home, liquidating a business or wanting to sell collectibles, our staff is ready to help! We understand how overwhelming the process can be! With over 20 years’ experience in the Antique and Collectibles field, we can assist you by sorting, organizing, and getting you top dollar for what you no longer want or need.

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